Bunga Raya-Fern Leaf Symbol of Care, Love And Respect

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Bunga Raya-Fern Leaf Symbol of Care, Love And Respect

Ummu Noura Ummu Sofea

It was not pre-arranged. It was a coincidence.

My very intention attending this event was to express my genuine support and solidarity towards all kind-hearted New Zealanders and those who were afflicted by the recent atrocities.

May Allah have mercy on the souls of those who returned to Allah and grant ease to the loved ones they leave behind. The beautiful bouquet, handed over to me as a representative of ABIM-FGIS-GPM and all Malaysians is actually a symbol. It represents both Malaysia  (hibiscus or bunga raya)-New Zealand (fern) which symbolises the relationship of care, love and respect between the two countries.

His Excellency of New Zealand ambassador to Malaysia, upon presenting us with the bouquet, said that it was to symbolise New Zealand  as a country that will always support, care and protect the hibiscus (bunga raya) i.e. Malaysia especially in times of sadness and grief which we are facing today that we both mourning over the deaths and the victims of the dreadful massacre.

Thank you His Excellency Mr. Hunter Nottage.

So beautiful, it warms us all. We appreciate the thoughts and kindness you and your beautiful country shown to all of us here in Malaysia. We’ve been told of so many inside stories of how beautiful is your country, her people and of course your beloved Prime Minister, Ms. Jacinda Ardern.

Even with this unprecedented event taking place in your country, New Zealand will remain to have a special place in our hearts. Truly, behind this unfortunate event leaves an immense wisdom for all of us to learn and understand.

It is how we first need to understand each other better before we judge. The world has learnt a lot. Let’s stand together and fight over any kind of extremism.

May we have a better future, a kinder generation, tomorrow. InshaAllah.

Together we will build a stronger bond for the benefits of the coming generations, the hope of the future. Keep well and stay safe, New Zealand.

Thank you, from the deepest recesses in our hearts.

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