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KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 1 — Muslims with misguided views on Islam are a greater threat to followers of the faith than non-Muslims, renowned religious academic Dr Tariq Ramadan said today weighing in on “jihad”, or the Islamic holy struggle.

The professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies in Oxford University also chided some Muslims for being obsessed with judging and declaring others as infidels so as to appear superior, rather than to spread better understanding of shared values among the people of the world.

The debate on the term of Islamic state will constantly reappear in the political discourse in country that Islamic Party exists. It used to be a phenomenon during the post colonialism era when the Egyptian Islamic scholars (Muslim Brotherhood) were driven to bring back the institution of Islamic Caliphate. In 2009, I happened to write an essay entitled “Searching New Substance of Islamic Movement of the First Post Islamic Rise” in which I set out to discuss the articulation of remarkable social trends, political perspectives, and religious thought in Malaysia following the extension of Islamism era in 1960s-1970s from Muslim Brotherhood.

There are concerns regarding a backlash against Australian muslim communities following the siege of a Sydney cafe because the gunman was a muslim.But a social media campaign under the hashtag "#illridewithyou" is helping to ease those fears

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